Seu Jorge - Burguesinha (English translation)

English translation

Bourgeois Girl

She goes to hairdresser,
... to steticist
She works out the whole day
She has an air of celebrity
She withdraws money...
... and her chauffeur drives for her
Driving her sport car,...
... she goes to shake in the dance floor
In the weekend,...
... she's at her beach house
... Spending money
... in total spree
She goes to the party/groove
She dances listening to the groove
with her clique/circle/friends
till the morning
Bourgeois Girl, Bourgeois Girl
She lives on filet mignon
Burguesinha, burguesinha
Tem o que quer
Burguesinha, burguesinha
She lives on croissant
Burguesinha, burguesinha
Suquinho de maçã
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