Eva Rivas - Apricot Stone

  • Artist: Eva Rivas ( Եվա Ռիվաս | Валерия Александровна Решетникова-Цатурян)
  • Album: ESC 2010
  • Translations: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Russian #1, #2, Serbian, Spanish #1, #2, Swedish, Turkish

Apricot Stone

Many many years ago
when I was a little child
Mama told me you should know
our world is cruel and wild
but to make your way through cold and heat
Love is all that you need
I believed her every word
more than everything I heard
But I was too scared to lose my fun
I began to cry a lot and she gave me apricots
Kisses of the earth, fruits of the sun!
Ref. :
Apricot Stone,
hidden in my hand
given back to me, from the motherland
Apricot Stone,
I will drop it down
in the frozen ground, I'll just let it go its round
Apricot Stone,
hidden in my hand
given back to me, from the motherland
Apricot Stone
Now I see the Northern Stars
shining brightly in the storm
and I've got an avatar, of my love to keep me warm
Now I'm not afraid of violent winds
they may blow - they can't win
May the winter stay away
from my harvest night and day
may good blessed and keep my cherisherd fruit
Grow my tree up to the sky
once I waved my home goodbye
I just wanna go back to my roots
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Andreea-AlexandraAndreea-Alexandra    Wed, 30/11/2016 - 20:21

Hi! The lyrics that you provided contain some mistakes that can be seen when just reading the text but especially when listening to the song while comparing it with this text. I found instead that the lyrics provided by this other site are correct. Anyways the mistakes are: "I'll just let it make its round" instead of "I'll just let it go its round" and "May God bless" instead of "May good blessed"

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