Hafez Shirazi - Poem (English translation)



Zolf bar bad madeh ta nadahi bar badam
Naz bonyad makon ta nakani bonyadam
Mey makhor ba hame kas ta nakhoram khoone jegar
Sar makesh ta nakeshad sar be falak faryadam
Zolf ra halghe makon ta nakoni dar bandam
Torreh ra tab madeh ta nadahi bar badam
Yare biganeh masho ta nabari az khisham
Ghame aghyar makhor ta nakoni nashadam
Rokh bar afrouz ke faregh koni az barge golam
Ghad bar afraz ke az sarv koni azadam
Sham'e har jam' masho var na besoozi mara
Yade har ghom makon ta naravi az yadam
Shohreye shahr masho ta nanaham sar dar kouh
Shoore Shirin manama, ta nakoni Farhadam
Rahm kon bar mane meskino be faryadam ras
Ta be khake dare asef naresad faryadam
Hafez az jo're to hasha ke begardanad rouy
Man az anrouz ke dar bande to'am azadam
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English translation


do not spread your restless tresses in the breeze, or you would make me feverish, restless.
do not build your fortress of coquettishness and beauty, or you would ruin me.
do not drink red wine with every stranger, or my heart would bleed redder than wine.
do not be rebellious, do not be defiant with me, or my laments would rise to the height of sky.
Do not curl your tresses or I will be captive in its waves.
Do not wave your locks, or I will be destroyed.
Do not be friendly with every stranger, or I will lose path in my faith.
If you do not want to make me sorrowful, do not be compassionate toward every stranger’s sorrow.
Show me your face and I would never again search for beauty among flowers.
Raise yourself and I would never again call cypress graceful.
Do not be shining light of every gathering, or you would burn me.
If you want to be always in my mind, do not always have others on your mind.
Do not be distinguished in town or you would drive me to the wilderness.
If you do not want to make me madly in love like Farhad, do not flare my heart with love like Shirin.
I am longing for your love, take pity in me, help me.
Help me before my laments reaches to the threshold of divine listeners.
Even if you be cruel, woe be on Hafez if he ever stops loving you.
The very day that I became captive of you, was beginning of my freedom.
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aref1989    Sun, 20/05/2012 - 15:13

Great translation, though it could be better. In fact, Hafez's poems are kind of ambiguous and thus cannot be easily translated. However, that was a nice try of you. Merci.