Rudy La Scala - Porque Sera (English translation)

English translation

How come forbiden love

How come forbiden love
are more intense
than allowed one
they fill you so much
though with so little
that we're satisfied
with a single touch of hands
How come How come
forbiden love
drives you crazy
so easily
How come How come
the taste of your kisses
have such an esquisit taste
How come How come
when we make love
we eat ourselves
How come and it's the truth
that one touches the sky
while we're in sin
and we don't mind if we have a master
How come
any hide-away
is a castle
when it's time to make love
this love as a charm
that gives us the stength
to endure it all
in exchange of possibly noithing
How come How come
forbidden love
gets hold so strong
when they're finished
is it because
you have to endure
the wound in silence
dissimulate in front of others
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Porque Sera

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