Luis Miguel - Somos novios (English translation)

English translation

We're Lovers

we're lovers
as we both feel a mutual & profound love
and with that, we have already won the biggest prize (prize not included in text, however, in English, cannot simply say biggest)
of this world
we make love (love each other), we kiss
as lovers
we desire each other & sometimes even without a reason
& without cause, we fight (get angry)
we're lovers
we nurture an innocent and pure love
as everyone does
we wait for night time (lit.: we seek for the darkest moment, but in English we don't express it this way)
to talk to each other
to give each other the sweetest kiss
to remember the colour of the cherries
without words, we're lovers
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Somos novios

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wako12    Sun, 30/01/2011 - 08:05

The title in spanish is right but the lyric is from other song called sin ti. The translation for somos novios is perfect.

bill.levine.33    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 13:41

"novios" can also be translated as "sweethearts" which could have been what he meant. This was written in a more innocent time by Armando Manzanero.