Marc Anthony - Vivir lo nuestro (English translation)

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Vivir Lo Nuestro

On a vast plain,
as vast as the sky,
I will shape a garden
on which your body can sleep.
In an ocean dense and wide
wider than the universe,
I will build a boat
on which a dream can sail.
In a black universe,
like the purest ebony,
I will build in white
our love for the future.
In a closed night
I will stop time,
to dream by your side
that our love is eternal.
And fly, fly so far away.
Where no one can obstruct
our thoughts.
Fly, fly fearlessly,
like free doves,
as free as the wind.
And live, live out what we have.
And love to the point of
Dream, dream awake.
In a world without race,
without color, without woe.
Without anyone to oppose
That you and I...
love each other.
From a high mountain,
high like the stars,
I will shout that I love you,
to let the world know,
that we are one for the other
and we will never leave each other
and even if no one understands us
we will live for our love.
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Vivir lo nuestro

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