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اكدب عليك

اكدب عليك
لو قلت بحبك لسه
اكدب عليك
واكدب عليك
لو قلت نسيتك همسه
اكدب عليك
امال انا ايه
قولي انت انا ايه
اختارلي بر وانا ارسي عليه
انت حبيبي
يعني لسه حبيبي
ولا حبيبي عشان كنت حبيبي
قول يا حبيبي
قول يا حبيبي
عارف كان اجمل شيء في حياتي
ايه يا حياتي
كان اجمل شيء
ان انت كل حياتي
توعدني واطير
قبل المواعيد
اعيد قبل العيد
والقاك يا حبييبي
سابقني هناك
والحب ف ايد
والدنيا ف ايد
والشمع يشوفني معاك يا حبيبي
من غير ما نقيده
لوحده يقيد
كان شيء جوانا علينا جديد
دالوقت خلاص ما اصبحش جديد
حبيبي صحيح بنتواعد
ونتقابل ونتكلم لقا بطوله
كلام يمكن مالوش معنى
ما هوش م القلب
لكن برضه بنقوله
ونرجع تاني نتقابل
ولا عارفين بنفرح
او بنتألم
وفوق خد الليالي دموع
بتسأل ايه جرى لينا
شموعنا ما عادتش شموع
ونيجي نقيدها تطفينا
وده كله
ومالناش الا بعضينا
دي جنة بنار
بتجمعنا ليالينا
شوف كنا في ايه
و صبحنا في ايه
اختارلي بر و أنا أرسى عليه
عيني عيني يا عين
قول لحبيبي يا عين
لهفتنا راحت فين
جنتنا راحت فين
كل الحاجات الحلوة
نجيبها تاني منين
حتى السلام بالأيد
بقى شيء علينا جديد
غير اللي كان في
داخل القلب قبل الايد
الحب بريء
واحنا ظلمناه
دوبنا شبابه قبل صباه
يدينا الحب نصيب سنتين
نشربه في دقيقه
مش في اتنين
وان قال يرتاح مننا ساعتين
نحلف يمينين
ولا غمضة عين

I'd be Lying to You

I'd be lying to you
if I told you that I still love you
I'd be lying to you
And I'd be lying to you if I said I forgot you for a blink
I'd be lying to you
Well, What am I [to you]?
Tell me, What am I [to you]?
Choose a resolution and I will accept it1
Are you my lover?
I mean, still my lover?
Or are you my lover, just because you used to be my lover?
Say it, my love
Say it, my love
Do you know what the most beautiful thing in my life,
was, oh darling?
The most beautiful thing was
That you were my entire life
You would promise me and I would fly,
before any dates,
to happiness
I'd celebrate the holidays even before they were there
And I'd find you, my darling
there even before me
with love in one hand
And life in the other
And the candles would see me there with you, my love
Without us lighting them up
They would light themselves
It used to be something inside of us that is new to us
And now It is now no longer new
My darling, it's true, we set up dates
And meet and talk for the entire time
Words that might be without meaning
Not truly meant sincerely
But we still say them
And we return again to meet
and talk
And we no longer know whether we are happy
or in pain
And upon the cheeks of the nights lie tears
that are asking what happened to us
Our candles are no longer candles
And when we try to light them up, they put us out..
And after all this,
We still only have each other
It is a heaven mixed with hell
That unites our nights
Look at how we used to be
And how we now are
Choose a resolution and I will accept it1
Oh eye, oh my eye..
Tell my love, oh my eye
Where did our longing go?
Where did our paradise go?
All the sweet things,
where can we bring them back from?
Even greeting by hand
became something new to us
Not like what used to be
inside our hearts before greeting by hand
Love is innocent
And we have been unfair to it
We have abused its youth even before its adolescence
It would give us enough for two years
And we would drink it all up in one minute,
Not even in two
And if it tried to take a break fro us for two hours
We swear two times:
Not even for a blink of an eye
  • 1. a. b. She uses a figure of speech and says "Choose a dock for me and I will land [my ship] at it." I translated the meaning.