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Algir - Stien klarnar (English translation)


Algir - Stien klarnar

Lat togna tale...
I stilla finn eg
vegen inn...
...til det som gror
og stiane dekkjer.
Tognas tunge
synar gamle stiar,
til den som søkjer
Algirs velde.
Vinden fer
fram, fram.
Kviskrar i trea.
Riv i meg.
Eg stig opp frå meg sjøl.
Stien klarnar,
togna talar.
Eg kallar deg
til gamle tråkk.
I kveld vil eg lytte...
...til det som gror
og stiane dekkjer.
Ravn flyg i himmelhjul,
i skogen gjestar gammel tul.
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Algir - The Path Becomes Clear

Versions: #1#2
Let silence speak
In the quiet I find
the way in ...
... to that which grows
and covers the paths.
The tongue of silence
reveals old paths
to those who seek
Algir's power.
The wind blows
forth, forth.
Whispering in the trees,
tearing at me.
I rise up from myself.
The path becomes clear,
silence speaks.
I summon thee
to old footprints.
Tonight I shall listen ...
... to that which grows
and covers the paths.
The raven flies in the sky-wheel,
the old thul visits the forest.
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Submitted by GaldrakonaGaldrakona on Thu, 02/06/2016 - 14:05
Author's comments:

- "Algir's velde" has been translated as "Algir's reign" by others, and velde can mean reign, but it can also simply mean power, strength. The song is about insight/knowledge, not worldly power.
- "tråkk" can mean both a trail/path and footprints. It's closely related to the English "track". I chose "footprints" because any trail will start with someone's footprints. When many people walk there, it becomes a trail. The word "tråkk" makes this clear & I wanted to mirror that.
-The sky-wheel is a concept of Norse cosmology. The heavens are on a great wheel that turns around a nail or hub, the North Star.
- The thul was an important male spiritual figure in Norse society, and Odin was also called "Fimbul-Þulr", the Great Thul. The "old thul" from this song could very well mean Odin himself.

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