Anna mä meen (English translation)

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Let Me Go

I do what I have to do
I go because I have to go
No, nothing's enough for me, no
Nothing feels good now, no
No, let me go, let me go
I've cruised at full speed on the left lane
we tried to switch it for the right one for a change
Brake for a current of the normal life
put on the cruise control, tried to recoup for a while
But what the fuck I'm trying
I'm hooked to speed
it is my faith to ruin this
Petrol in my veins
the highway calls for my name
and these bitches would like to
have a kid with my name
Like my dad I chose
these traveller's shoes
Oh, this burden
There's many ways to use this time
It feels like I'm without a pulse
stoned by life
Still today I play
the slowest ones
feels like I'm the one
I can't pick up from the ground
After you everything
means nothing again
and these sex bombs
I use as my bandaids
For once I found just what
I was looking for
I used all the ways
to make it live for long
The adventures were greater
the summers were hotter
dreaming other dreams
without all this music
And even though we drive fast
the speed doesn't feels so bad
when it's something like you that I have
But I crashed our relationship in a moment
the last picture together was taken in Midsummer
You can ponder but you can't have the yesterday
these wounds won't be fixed with a piece of tape
Since teenager I have known what I do
but in front of the mirror, who is the one looking at you
This sir doesn't give a shit
teasing again some random chick
I let these model girls do what they want
there's a place in my bed but not in my heart
I'm not feelingless, I have feelings, yes
but after you everything is meaningless
I do what I have to do
I go because I have to go
Everything is said, tears are stemmed
sparkle of the eyes is gone once again
I do what I have to do
I go because I have to go
Let me go
Let me go
No, let me go, let me go
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Anna mä meen

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