Asin - Balita (English translation)

English translation


Come near, my friends, and listen
I am bringing news from my land
I want to share the stories
And the events unfolding in the promised land
The land I came from is stained with blood
Parrots that couldn't fly, trapped in cages of gold
There are trees with no leaves
And hearts that couldn't react
to the events unfolding in the promised land
Ever since I saw this land
I also saw the little flame inside people's hearts
Feeded by the rottenness until it burns
And now the heart fears the promised land
(repeat chorus)
There was a time when the fields where colored gold
There was a time when the birds where as free as people
There was a time when silence was the music that lulled the innocent children to sleep
Now the promised land is pleadins
Extinguish the fires in its heart with your tears
Listen to the heart's screams
Of the person you first felt as part of you
(NOTE: The fifth verse is in another local language. I believe it's in Cebuano, a language spoken in the Southern part of the Philippines. Unfortunately, I only know Tagalog and neither understand nor speak Cebuano so, sorry about that.)
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