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Canción sin miedo (English translation)

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Fearless song

May the State, the sky, the streets tremble,
may the judges and policemen be afraid.
Today, peace is taken away from us women.
They sowed fear in us, we grew wings1.
Every minute of every week,
they steal friends from us, they kill our sisters.
They tear their bodies apart, they disappear them2.
Don't forget their names, please, Mr. President3.
For our friends protesting on Reforma4,
for all women battling in Sonora5,
for the female commanders fighting for Chiapas6,
for all mothers that keep searching in Tijuana7,
we sing fearless, we ask for justice8.
We shout for every missing woman9.
Let it resound strongly: "We want us alive!"1
The murderer10 will fall fiercely!
I will burn everything, I will destroy everything11
if one day some nobody turns off your eyes.
Nothing will shut me up anymore, it's enough.
If you touch one of us, we all will answer1.
I'm Claudia, I'm Esther, and I'm Teresa.
I'm Ingrid, I'm Fabiola, and I'm Valeria12.
I'm the girl that you took by force13.
I'm the mother that now cries for her dead daughters.
And I'm also the one who will make you pay.
Justice! Justice! Justice!
For our friends protesting on Reforma,
for all women battling in Sonora,
for the female commanders fighting for Chiapas,
for the mothers that keep searching in Tijuana,
we sing fearless, we ask for justice.
We shout for every missing woman.
Let it resound strongly: "We want us alive!"
The murderer will fall fiercely!
The murderer will fall fiercely!
And the center of the Earth shall tremble
at the sisterly roar of love14.
And the center of the Earth shall tremble
at the sisterly roar of love.
  • 1. a. b. c. Common slogan in protests against femicides.
  • 2. Sex-based murder of women (femicides) often include rape and torture, and the bodies are either exposed naked and mutilated for humiliation of the victim, or completely disappeared.
  • 3. This song was composed during the government of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). Femicides have increased 8.9% during his term, and child femicides 13%. Still, this isn't a thing just from his term: femicides have been growing in Mexico for decades, but all presidents have denied and ignored the mere existence of sex-based crimes against women.
  • 4. Paseo de la Reforma is one of the most important streets in Mexico City, so it's a common spot for protests.
  • 5. Northwestern state in Mexico.
  • 6. A reference to the Women Front from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, which is an opposing military force that has been fighting in Chiapas since the 90s (
  • 7. Reference to groups of mothers that travel through the desert looking for the corpses of their children. As the Government won't even try to search for missing persons, some mothers decided to search themselves. The most known groups are "Madres buscadoras" (, from Sonora, and "Una Nación buscando T" ( from Tijuana, Baja California. Literally they're just civilians that search for bodies and help to identify them, hoping that they can bury their dead.
  • 8. In Mexico, 97% of femicides remain unpunished, and only 3% of them were investigated.
  • 9. Currently, there're more than 21,000 missing women in Mexico. Only in 2019, 7,832 women and girls were reported as missing (~21 per day), and 1,906 of them still can't be found. This numbers keep growing each year. Even if this number is low in contrast of male disappearances (75%), the main causes of female disappearances are sex trafficking and femicide, which turns this into a gender-based problem.
  • 10. In Spanish, "feminicida" is the word for the perpetrator of a femicide.
  • 11. In Mexico, feminists are widely criticized for burning, destroying and doing graffiti on government buildings and popular monuments.
  • 12. These are names of widely known victims of brutal femicides. The case of Ingrid Escamilla was specially outrageous: she was stabbed and skinned by her sentimental partner, and lots of sensationalist newspapers and TV News showed graphic images of her murder. Due to this case, in which the body of the victim was used to generate money for media, the "Ingrid law" against re-victimization in media was born.
  • 13. In Mexico, 64% of missing women are children and teenagers (ages 0-19). 7 girls under 14 years old disappear each day.
  • 14. This is a reference to a verse from the Mexican National Anthem. Originally, it says: "the center of the Earth shall tremble / at the loud roar of the cannon", but this version changes a few letters: "sonoro" (loud) for "sororo" (sisterly, in a feminist context: women supporting women against patriarchy), and "cañón" (cannon) for "amor" (love).
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Author's comments:

This is a song written by Vivir Quintana, by a petition from Mon Laferte. It was first performed on March 7th 2020, at a concert in commemoration for International Women's Day. (

In Mexico:
- 47% of women are victim of domestic violence.
- 7 out of 10 women have been victim of male violence.
- 8 out of 10 women live in fear of gender-based violence.
- 32 girls (10-14 years old) get pregnant per day, victim of rape, and are forced to give birth.
- 11 women are murdered per day.
- 4 out of those 11 femicides per day are girls under 14 years old.
- 3% of femicides are investigated.
- 97% of femicides remain unpunished.

*Official register of disappeared persons, by gender, age and date:
*Femicides unpunished:

You can read:
The case of Ingrid:

***Just a reminder: feminist protests aren't against men, are against a system that does nothing to stop specific violence against women. Lots of politicians and judges in Mexico have said that femicides aren't a big deal, or have blame women for putting themselves in risk (ie. dating someone dangerous, going out at night, or disobeying their sentimental partners), instead of looking for the culprits.***

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Canción sin miedo

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