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The Morning After

So many people see you
But no-one sees you like I do
For in the shadow of your light
Far away I sit and wait
I need you - I need your light
For from the shade I can't escape
You see me not - you know me not
But yet I love you from afar
Esteem you - worship you
Hope for you - desire you
Sense you - experience you
Accompany you - exalt you
Can't go on without you
This is the morning after
And my fallow soul lies waiting
A new day is beginning
And time is tricking away
All of this I write to you
And still more would I say
If I could put down into love
All the suffering of my love
Not the message to lament
These few lines to you I send
But Just to say - I love you
Tonight these words will come to you
I pray taht you will read them through
I'll wait for you at day's first light
Wait to see your radiant light
I dream that you will see me soon
That you will kneel into the gloom
And raise me to you in the light
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Der Morgen danach

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