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The fortune fairy
Please fly, please fly
Do your magics
So that mom will let me go, will let me go
Everyone else will go too and I want to go with them
The ocean is warm and the sand is getting hotter
I know mom is worried about me
But it's not cool to be an outsider
And now her eyes are getting fuzzy
Mom says; the world is a shoal of danger
The same world that took your sister away
I'll say the last word, and it's no
Years go by
And the house is drowsy, mom is drowsy
Her daughter tries to tear the lock off
But it won't open, no, it won't open
Nothing could take that tediousness away
She's about to turn 16 and she
Knows that there's no magic
She yells 'let me fucking go out'
And on a july night
The daughter wakes up, dresses herself
Escapes from a window and fades into the bustle of the world
Mom falls asleep with a cigarette in her mouth, and soon she wakes up in panic
And she shouts, shouts the name of her daughter
But the daughter is far away, near the moon
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