El Mio Xuan (English translation)

  • Artist: Asturian Folk (Principáu d'Asturies)
  • Song: El Mio Xuan 3 translations
  • Translations: English, Polish, Spanish

El Mio Xuan

El mio Xuan miróme
díxome: galana
que guapina tas.
Yo dixe-y: Xuanucu
nun tengo contigo
ganes de falar.
Entós el mio Xuan
comenzóme a afalagar
con una vara d'ablanu
¡Xesús que burru ye Xuan!
Yo, toa llorosa
fuia a casa mio suegra
que cerquina ta.
Dixomes la vieya:
nun tomes asina
les coses de Xuan,
porque'l mio Xuan ye
tan burru que nun lu hai más
tan vagu que nun trabaya
nin piensa de trabayar
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My Juan

My Juan was looking at me,
telling me: "Young girl,
you look so pretty".
I told him: "Juanito1
I don't feel like
talking to you".
And so my Juan
started talking to me
with a hazelnut stick,
Lord, how stubborn Juan is!
In tears I went
to my mother-in-law's house
which was nearby.
The woman told me:
"Don't take it like that,
the things Juan does.
Because my Juan is
so stubborn, he's like no other,
so lazy that he doesn't work
nor does he think of working".
  • 1. lit. 'little Juan'.
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