Jamín-a (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Jamín-a 3 translations
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Tongue fiery Jamina
she-wolf with dark skin
with an open mouth
bite of firm meat
black star that shines
I want to have fun
sweet in the humid
honey of your hive
my sister Jamina
forgive me
If I can not be pig
like your thoughts
detach yourself Jamina
lips gooseberry
let me look Jamina
jet of pussy satisfied
and face in the sweat
sauce, salt and thighs
where there is hair there is love
sultana sluts
give us slow Jamina
don't sail shore
before the desire
rising and falling
I disposes in the wave
and the last breath Jamina
Queen Mother of Samba
I hold myself to get out alive
from the node of your legs
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