Je m'voyais déjà (English translation)

  • Artist: Charles Aznavour (Շառլ Ազնավուր)
  • Also performed by: Eddy de Pretto
  • Song: Je m'voyais déjà 4 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, German, Russian
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I could already see myself

Versions: #1#2
At 18 years old, I left my village
Determined to take a hold of my life
With a light heart and a tiny luggage
I was certain to conquer Paris
At the finest tailor, I had made
This blue suit which was the latest fashion
Photographs, songs, and orchestrations
Ate up all my savings
I could already see myself at the top of the bill
Ten time larger than any other one's, my name was spread
I could already see myself adored and rich
Signing my photograhs to jostling fans
I was the greatest of the great dreamers
So successful that people rose to applaud me
I could already see myself looking in my list
For the one who at night would have the favour to hold my arm
My features have aged of course under my makeup
But my voice is strong, my gesture's precise I have resilience
My heart embittered a bit with old age
But I have ideas, I know my job and I still believe in it
Just to feel the stage beneath my feet
To see in front of me an expecting audience, my heart beats fast
No one helped me, I didn't have much luck
But deep in my heart, at least I'm sure that I have talent
My blue suit, I've been wearing it for thirty years
And only me laugh at my songs
I'm chasing after fees, I go from door-to-door
To survive, I'm making anything
I only met easy successes
Night trains and soldier girls
Cheap fees and luggage to carry
Tiny furnished flats and light meals
I could already see myself in photograh
In the arms of a star, in winter in the snow, in summer under the sun
I could already see myself teling my life's tale
With a disillusioned look to beginners yearning for some tips
I opened peacefully at evening of premieres
One thousand of telegrams from this Greater Paris which scares us so hard
And dying of stage fright before this audience
Coming in the stage swarmed by the cheers and lights
I tried everything to stand out
I sung love songs, I sung funny things and even fantasy
If my career failed, if I didn't get out of the shadows
It's not my fault, but that of the audience who didn't understand anything
No one never ever ever gave my any chance
Others have succeeded with mediocre voices and a lot of money
I was too pure or before my time
But the day will come when I will show them that I have talent
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Submitted by elyzangokoelyzangoko on Tue, 16/12/2014 - 18:19
Author's comments:

I based myself off david.lemercier.9's translation which was a bit literal. I merely augmented it with words and expressions in English that would make an English speaker understand the original "Bohême" feeling to the song better.

I translated "Tout Paris" into "Greater Paris" because of the similarity of the concept with that of "Greater London", even though it's not something applicable to Paris anymore (laws are in preparation to change it back to what it was in Aznavour's time so it might become accurate again before 2017 or so...)


Je m'voyais déjà

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