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You played,I suffer

I don’t get mad anymore for you
Just observe and think
‘Everything let me down a lot.’
And l get myself more away from you,
Because I already don’t want to suffer,
I want to be happy.
You love is venom and more
And I feel a pain, in my soul
But with calm
I open my cellphone
Watching at you was with other guy
How I feel then!
I called you to confirm
But you don’t want to answer me
You kill me.
I don’t know which is the reason
If I gave you all my love,
I’m broken.
I had the faith to you,
But you played it and I suffered,
In fact I feel bad now,
Here I am in my loneliness.
I had never lied to you,
You were all of my world,
And this is the truth,
You have put me in zero…
All my love and being,
I gave you everything ,why?
“ There you have been ‘naughty ‘
‘Oh no, my friend Danny?
My friend Pedro?’ ”
My heart is already not the same,
A wound that it is fatal,
I won’t turn back to love.
I cry when there is some rain,
when I do it, nobody listen to me,
Drowned into my tears.
I don’t feel better,
But my body has used to it
With a can or other, that I’ve forgotten for you
And now I say goodbye to you,
I spent my time with you
And I watch a future
But we are not together.
All my love and my being,
I gave it all to tou,why?
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Jugaste y Sufrí

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Please help to translate "Jugaste y Sufrí"
Eslabón Armado: Top 3
   Thu, 02/03/2023 - 03:31

This translation needs improvement. Here are my corrections:

I no longer anger myself with you ---> I'm not mad at you anymore (Sounds more natural this way)
It let me down a lot ---> She let me down (In reference to the girl that played with him)
I open my cellphone ---> I turn on my cellphone (Sounds more natural this way)
Watching at you was walking with other guy ---> And I see you were with another guy ('Andar con otro' means to be with someone else, not to literally walk)
How I feel then! ---> The way I felt! (Sounds more natural this way)
I called you to confirm ---> I call you to confirm ('Llamo' is present tense)
I don’t know which is the reason ---> I don't know which was the reason ('fue' is past tense)
If I gave you all my love ---> If I was giving you all my love ('estaba dando...' is past continuous)
I’m exhausted ---> I'm broken ('Destrozado' means 'broken')
There you have become mischievous ---> There you go, baby (Here you completely missed the point, 'chiquitita' is just a term of endearment for a girl)
Oh no, my schoolmate Danny ---> Oh no, Danny, my friend ('Compa' means friend, not a literal classmate)
I was so loyal to you ---> I had faith in you ('fe' means faith)
You was all of my world ---> You were all my world ('You were' is correct English grammar)
I’ve handed over all myself,why? ---> I gave you everything. Why? (Hand over is too literal)
A wound that it does be fatal ---> A wound that is fatal ('Does be' is not correct English)
I won’t turn back to love ---> I won't love again (It's clearer this way)
when I do it nobody doesn’t listen to me ---> When I do it, nobody listens to me ('nobody doesn't listen' is not correct English. The negative is already implied in the word 'nobody')
But my body have accustomed ---> But my body gets used to (Sounds more natural this way)