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You Played Around and I Suffered

I don't get mad at you any more
I just watch and think
"I'm disappointed"
And I drift further apart from you
Because I no longer want to suffer
I want to be happy
Your love is poison and more
And I feel a pain, in my soul
But calmly
I open my phone
And I see that you were with someone else
How I feel
I call you for confirmation
But you don't want to answer
You kill me
I don't know what the reason was
That I was giving you all my love
I am devastated
I had faith in you
But you played around and I suffered
I'm really sick
Here I am in my loneliness
I never lied to you
You were my whole world
And the truth is
You left me at zero
All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?
"There you go, little girl,
‘Oh no, my pal, Danny?
My pal Pedro?’ ”
My heart is no longer the same
A wound that truly is fatal
I won't love again.
I cry when there is rain
Because when I do, nobody listens to me
I drown in my tears
I don't feel better
But the body gets used
With a bottle or with two, with that I'll forget you
And now I say goodbye to you
I spent my time with you
I see a future
But it's not you and me
All my love and my being
I gave you everything, why?
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Jugaste y Sufrí

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