La casa di Hilde (English translation)

  • Artist: Francesco De Gregori
  • Song: La casa di Hilde 3 translations
  • Translations: English, Polish, Romanian
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Hilde's house

My father's shadow, twice as big as mine,
he was walking and I was running
on the path covered in pine needles;
the mountain was green.
Over the mountain, the border,
over the border, who knows;
over the mountain [there was] Hilde's house.
I rememeber I was scared
when we knocked at the door
but she smiled and told us to get in
she was wearing white.
And we sat down
and listened to the sunset.
Hilde was playing the zither in the darkness.
That night my father slept
but I was looking at the moon.
I could touch it through the window
it wasn't higher than me.
And the sky looked bigger
and I felt like a grown man
when snow came and covered Hilde's house.
The customs officer was carrying a rifle
when he came and woke us up.
He told my father to put his hands in the air
and went through his pockets.
But he found absolutely nothing,
only a souvenir photo.
Hilde was playing the zither in the darkness.
The customs officer shook hands with us
and left, looking forlorn,
then Hilde opened her zither
and took out diamonds.
And we drank whine together
but I had only half a glass.
At sunrise, we left Hilde's house.
Over the border, I was very saddened
that the flowers I found were no different
but along the road we found a goat
that was curious about us.
My father got closer
and it let itself be captured
so we tied a rope [around its neck] and it came with us.
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La casa di Hilde

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