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La cura (English translation)

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The care

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I'll protect you from the fears of hypochondria,
From the disturbances that starting from today you'll encounter on your way.
From all the injustices and deceptions of your time,
From the failures that your nature will attract.
I'll relieve you from the pains and from your mood swings,
From the obsessions of your delusions.
I'll overcome the gravitational currents,
The space and the light,
In order to not to let you grow old.
And I'll heal you from all the diseases,
Because you're a special being,
And I will take care of you.
I was wandering through the fields of Tennessee
(How I got there, who knows).
Haven't you got any white flowers for me?
Faster than eagles, my dreams
Are crossing the sea.
I'll take you above the silence and patience.
We'll walk together through the streets that lead to the essence.
The scents of love will intoxicate our bodies,
The calmness of August will no longer calm our senses.
I'll weave your hair like the plot of a song.
I know the laws of the world, and I'll offer them to you.
I'll overcome the gravitational currents,
The space and the light so you do not grow old.
I will save you from every melancholy,
Because you're a special being and I will take care of you...
Yes, I will take care of you
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La cura

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