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The little chocolate roll

Every morning,
He used to buy his little chocolate roll.
The woman at the bakery would smile at him.
He didn't look at her.
Nonetheless she was beautiful
The other customers only saw her
You've gotta say she was
Really every bit as tasty
As her croissants.
And she dreamed sadly
In the evenings in her shop
Of the distant young man.
He was short-sighted
But she didn't know
He lived in a blurry world
Where the clouds didn't fly
He didn't see that she was beautiful
Didn't know that it was her
that destiny
was sending him blindly
to make her happy.
And the girl, who wasn't stupid
Bought glasses
For the one her heart desired
IN the hot fragrance of the cakes
And the breads and the tarts
In the bakery of parties
One night, they got married.
All in white she was beautiful
The customers only saw her
And from their union were born
Heaps of little children
Short-sighted like their father
Gambolling among the cakes
Filling up their pockets
with little chocolate rolls
And yet she was beautiful
The customers only saw her
And when you think about it
Life is very well made
It takes as little as
A simple pair of glasses
To bring two people together
And to make them happy
Original lyrics

Le petit pain au chocolat

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elfy2016elfy2016    Sun, 05/11/2017 - 15:47

"voler bas" c'est une nuance de la langue française qui par ce biais peint le milieu social dans lequel se déroule l'action
dans notre exemple même les nuages "volaient bas" ils ne se contentaient pas d'être des nuages (gris ou noirs)mais de plus au lieu d'être haut perchés dans le ciel ils étaient au ras du sol (fog =broullard) sans soleil...sans lumière...avec l'espoir de vous avoir aidés....

elfy2016elfy2016    Sun, 05/11/2017 - 20:33

Le français est une langue pleine de nuances et cette chanson est un exemple de cette belle manière de le montrer en effet ce n'est pas évident et facile pour celui qui doit et veut comprendre pour traduire