Les Quatre Étoiles - Mado (English translation)

  • Artist: Les Quatre Étoiles (Bopol Mansiamina, Wuta Mayi, Syran Mbenza, Nyboma)
  • Also performed by: Franco / Le TP OK Jazz
  • Song: Mado


Nalibala mama,
ebongi boyokani yeeh yeeh yeeh,
nakati ya ndako.
Oooh kobombelaka na nkanda na motema,
ooh Mado,
likambo nini ya mabe nasali yo nasenga pardon,
yo olinga bango to olingi se ngai,
motema nayo moko epona eeh,
nalibala nyoso baswanaka ooh,
na bolingo ba enemy bazangaka te,
bakosala nyoso mpo tokabwana,
conscience nayo pesa na songi songi,
okokoka te kolimbisa moninga Nzambe,
soki oyoki likambo kaka osilika,
kaka opasuka ooh nde Mado (2x)
Oh Mado motema pasi mingi eeh,
mwasi ngai nalingi aboya ngai na makasi,
nakozonga mboka naboyi kokutana na mado
yo na mobali nayo bosimbana maboko,
Ekosala ngai pasi mingi na motema mama aah,
soki nakanisi ndenge tobandaki
ngai nayo na ndako oooh yeeeh oooh yeeeh
Oh Mado motema pasi mingi eeh,....
Ekosala ngai soni mingi na motema,
soki nakanisi ndenge tozalaki ngai nayo
motema Marie mado eeh
Oh Mado motema pasi mingi eeh,...
Oh Mado motema pasi mingi eeh...
Submitted by sen.tinel.9480 on Sat, 16/12/2017 - 23:45
Submitter's comments:

Lyrics and translation were borrowed from this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/LingalaAndRhumbaKenyaFans/posts/815370715140425 Many thanks, this is a sweet song

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English translation


In a marriage, darling
harmony is needed for it to work
inside the house
The couple needs to be patient and persevere
ooh Mado
Tell me what I did wrong to you so that I can apologize
Do you love them or do you love only me
Your heart is the one to choose
In a healthy marriage squabbles must be experienced
In a couple, there are always enemies who are not afraid
of doing anything to separate them
If you give your conscience to gossiping
You will never be able to forgive your friend, for god's sake
because if you hear anything negative you will get angry
you will fall apart, this is for real oh Mado
Oh Mado, my heart is full of pain eeh
because the woman I love so much rejected me with passion
When I visit the village I don't want to meet Mado
Because I can't stand the picture of seeing you and your husband holding hands
Because it will hurt me in the heart, darling aah
If I think of the time we started dating
Me and you in the house ooohh yeeeh
Oh Mado , my heart is full of pain...
Because it will hurt me in the heart, darling aah
If I think in the time we were together
My love, Marie mado eeeh
Oh Mado my heart is full of pain...
Oh Mado my heart is full of pain...
Submitted by sen.tinel.9480 on Sun, 17/12/2017 - 00:03
Author's comments:

Mado: abbreviation of first name "Madeleine"

Translation is taken from a facebook group, but I have tried to correct it when I was sure, and improve his English, anyway credit is for them


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