K.J. Yesudas - Manasa Maine Varu (English translation)


Manasa Maine Varu

Maanasa maine varoo madhuram nulli tharoo
Nin aruma poo vaadiyil nee theduvathaare aare(maanasa)
Nilaavinte naattile nishagandhi poothallo (2)
Kali koottukaarane marannu poyo (maanasa)
Kadalile olavum karalile mohavum (2)
Adangukillomane adangukillaa (maanasa)
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English translation

Come to me, dear myna

Come to me, dear myna1, give me sweetness
In your beloved garden, who are you searching for, who?
The Nishagandhi2 flower has bloomed in the land of the moonlight
Have you already forgotten your old playmate?
The waves of the ocean and the desires of the heart3
Will never abate, my dear, will never abate.
  • 1. An Indian bird, common mynah or Acridotheres tristis.
  • 2. Plant named Queen of the Night or Dutchman's pipe cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum).
  • 3. Literally liver rather than heart. In local culture, the seat of emotions can be the liver.
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