Dueto Las Palomas - Cariñito de mi vida (English translation)

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My little darling

My little darling,
say goodbye because I'm leaving.
I don't want to see you cry
I won't take long coming back,
even if I go far away
I haven't stopped loving you.
Your image along with other things
I carry them there in my heart,
day by day I'll write to you
so you know how I'm doing,
even though I'm not there
you'll think I'm here with you.
When you water the plants,
waters them with a lot of love,
they must flourish
while I'm on my way back,
so you can cut them into a bouquet
when I take you to the altar.
Because there's no guarantees in live1,
pray greatly to God for me,
don't cry for me
on the day that I die,
I just want you to keep mourning
for me in your heart.
  • 1. lit. 'since I haven't bought life', nothing is guaranteed.
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Cariñito de mi vida

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