Nirvana - Old Age (Acoustic Demo)

  • Artist: Nirvana
  • Album: With the Lights Out (2004)
  • Translations: Serbian

Old Age (Acoustic Demo)

Yes I'm breathing
Filthy hands, hey, hey
Read to me, hey, hey, hey
Miss me, hey, hey, hey
Prefer me sad, hey, hey
And I wouldn't break
She wouldn't miss me
She wouldn't miss me
And I am afraid
It's a fire - our house is gone
and I refrain
Are you God, Are you god
you little boy?
And now your fingers meet the floor
And now I can play with me
And now I am one to obey me
Preach me fire and lead the way
Be silent bit and I will say
You see in fire me away
And now, and now, hey
Keep it down to one more specialist
One more howl and feigned my service
Someday I'll find my way to something
It's not hard to relieve my service
Come inside of her inner circles
Someday I walk behind a way, it's over
She seems to read minds
And I'm dead, dumb and blind
Wait the fame I use
She's the same
Old age (x3)
Some are gone and some are wanting
Some were kind and I feigned my service
Someday I wont find my way, its over
Its not fair he believes my servants
One more hour and awake my servants
Someday I will allow my way to something
She seems to read minds
And I'm dead, dumb and blind
Face the face in the mirror
We survived
Old age (x4)
It's such a fantasy you're all free
Come on higher way I'm begging, see?
One more hour and I face my service
Come on down to relieve my servants
Someday i will have found my way to nothing
Second there, feign my service
One more howl and I wont be serviced
Someday I will have found my way to something
She seems to read minds
And I'm dead, dumb and blind
Wait the fame I use
Jesus saves
Old age, old age
Jesus saves
Old age, old age
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mxdoommxdoom    Wed, 17/06/2020 - 11:14

Just so you all know this is just aleksandar.markovic.104's interpretation and is actually VERY wrong so please do NOT think these are the REAL lyrics. Sorry Aleksandar, very poor interpretation.

BalkantürkBalkantürk    Wed, 17/06/2020 - 11:18

Sorry but a transliteration how it can be Aleksandar's own interpretation? I'm sure he listen the song and wrote the lyrics or search for them but well all of us here are humans and as humans we make mistakes so could you please provided the right lyrics? I listen the song and I hear the same as Aleksandar...

BambiCreationBambiCreation    Thu, 01/10/2020 - 14:28

To this day, still no "correct" lyrics in the replies. But yeah I hear the same as you and Aleksandar as well.

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