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Nostalgia, we're just like one another
You're gentle and so am I
Nostalgia, I think about her
I call to her in the night
She lived over there
In the land of the cold
Where the untamed wind
Gives me a look
It snowed in the winter
It rained in the blue
She was lovely, nostalgia
Nostalgia, we're just like one another
It's December on your lands
Nostalgia, you play the gypsy
On the range of forgetting
She wanted to...
To burn her life up
Under a real spring
She was twenty years old
She went out to the sea
Towards a clearer sky
Leaving me in the grey, nostalgia
A winter love
The backwards sky
It was madness, nostalgia
Sometimes on the sea
When the night is clear
Her name comes back to me
Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia...
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