Romeo Santos - Odio (English translation)

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I Hate

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[Romeo Santos]
It seems that my love grows and grows
But you vanish
And you offer me your friendship, no exceptions
I know there's another man
Who has accomplished what I never gave to you
A home, a family, a good future
Sorry for hurting you
And for you
I live annihilated in spite
Repressed, burning with jealousy
I hate him even though he makes you happy
Nothing intimidates me, but I understand
That he won the war a long time ago
And I forget that I already lost you
I'm jealous of his kisses on your body
Envy takes over me this way
And I want you here
I hate this man because he's next to you
I lost your love, I am a poor devil
Without your love, I am nothing, nothing
Listen to my words
Yeah, Drizzy Drake
I was your tears
He is your smile
(Turn the lights on)
And ours collapsed on a volcano
very quickly
You were the one
You've been the one from the moment I seen you
Sometimes I question if this is all real
Then I grab on that ass and I firmly believe it
And you look like you drawn by an artist
No, you, you look like Bernice and Yaris
But both put together
Those are some girls that I know from back home
If you saw them, you'd get it
Look, don't worry about it
Keep speaking Spanish
I'll get it translated
You know you my baby
Anything for you, anything, baby
I do not wanna be enemies, baby
I would just much rather give you a baby
And buy you a house so I live with you baby
Don't stay with this new guy
I really go crazy, I really go crazy
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ang    Tue, 18/02/2014 - 18:54

Me encanta que traduzcas tan literal , Otra perfecta !