Danny Daniel - Por el amor de una mujer (English translation)

English translation

For the love of a woman

For the love of a woman
I played with fire without knowing
that I was the one who was burning
I drank in the fountains of pleasure
until I could understand
that it wasn't me who you loved
For the love of a woman
I've given all I was
the most beautiful of my life
but that time I lost
will be useful one day
when my wound heal
Everything still seems like a dream
but I know one day I'll finally forget
today I feel sad but soon I'll sing
and promise to never remember yesterday
For the love of a woman
I cried and went insane
while she was laughing
I broke a crystal in pieces
I let my veins bleed
because I didn't know what I was doing
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Por el amor de una mujer

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