En el muelle de San Blas (English translation)

  • Artist: Maná
  • Song: En el muelle de San Blas 7 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, French, German, Greek, Italian, Persian
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On the Wharf of San Blas

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She bid her love farewell
He departed in a ship in the wharf of San Blas.
He swore that he would return,
And, soaked in tears, she swore that she would wait.
Thousands of moons passed away
And she was always on the dock, waiting
Many afternoons nested themselves,
They nested themselves in her hair and in her lips.
She always wore the same dress
So that should he return, he would not mistake her
The crabs bit at her clothing, her misery, and her illusion
Time then slipped away
And her eyes filled with sunrises.
With the sea she became enamored
And then her body took root on the wharf
Alone, alone in oblivion
Alone, alone with her spirit
Alone, alone with her love, the sea
Alone on the wharf of San Blas
Her hair bleached white,
But no ship came that returned her love
And in the village they called her,
They called her the Madwoman of the Wharf of San Blas
And one afternoon in April
They attempted to take her to the asylum
But no one could tear her away
And from the sea nevermore did they separate her
She stayed, she stayed, alone, alone
She stayed, she stayed with the sea and the sun
She stayed, she stayed until the end
She stayed there, she stayed on the wharf of San Blas
Alone, alone, alone...
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En el muelle de San Blas

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