Out of the Dark

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Out of the Dark

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I can't get enough of you
You're in every breath
Everything revolves around you
Why me of all people

Count the hours, the seconds
But time seems to stand still
Oppressed myself, twisted (myself)
Let me go

What more do you want
Do you want to count my days
Why do you have to
Torment me with my longing

Your hell burns inside of me
You're my elixir to survive
I am torn
When will you kiss my wounds

Do you hear the hour which says to you
I give up and close my eyes
Hörst du die stunde, die dir sagt
I give up and you waste your tears

I am ready since it's time
For our pact for eternity
You're already there, so close
I can feel you
Let myself be seduced, let myself be carried off
Tonight for the last time
Devoted to your power/control
Give me your hand
My life, tell me the price
I give you yesterday, today and tomorrow
Then it's a full circle, no way back
The white light comes closer, step by step
Want to be enacted

Do I have to die
In order to live

Into the light
Out of the dark
Into the light
To the night

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Out of the Dark

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