You're Welcome (De nada [You're Welcome])

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You're Welcome

Ha ha, ok ok, ha ha
I know what happens here,
You find the greatness in front of you,
And you're not sure that how you feel,
It's adorable! never the "little humans" will change.
Awake it now! listen well,
this, as you see, really is Maui,
I know that you'll never find another like me,
What you see is a Demigod.
I only know say "you're welcome"
For the sea, the sky and the sun,
There is no way to say thanks – you're welcome
I'm just a ordinary "Demi-I"
Hey, What strongman raised the heaven
when you were of this height? This guy!
If the night is cold - Who was?
Who brought you the fire? What? Someone named me.
Oh, I just tied the sun – you're welcome
To expand your fun,
I make to blow the wind – you're welcome
And so arises your sail.
I only know say "you're welcome"
'Cause I extracted islands out of the sea,
Don't ever implore, never ever – you're welcome
This is my way of serving,
You're welcome, you're welcome...
Now, no doubt...
Hey, honestly I'll explain you
Of the natural form of every phenomenon,
The sea, the sun and the gas,
Oh, this is Maui talking a lot,
I buried the eels,
I created coconut from the palm tree,
I'll give you an advice and lesson:
Don’t mess with me when I'm on the defensive.
And the tapestry that you see
Is a map of what I earned,
Where I was, I've provoked thousand feats
So much so that my mini-Maui will dance:
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, hey!
I only can say "you're welcome" (you're welcome)
For the wondeful world that I give,
There is no way to say thanks – you're welcome (you're welcome)
I won't talk about it 'cause I'm going
It's your turn say "you're welcome" (you're welcome)
'Cause I want that boat now,
I'll navigate away – you're welcome (you're welcome)
Because Maui can't swim (you're welcome)
Yyou're welcome, you're welcome!...
... And thank you!
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SilentRebel8312 weeks 1 day

De nada [You're Welcome]

Ja ja, ok ok, ja ja
Ya sé qué pasa aquí,
encuentras la grandeza frente a ti
y no sabes bien qué sentir,
¡es adorable que jamás los humanitos cambiarán!
Despierta ya, oye bien,


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