I'll take your picture (Ti scatterò una foto)

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I'll take your picture

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I'll remember forever, even if you don't want me to.
I'll marry you, don't expect more.
I've looked for you and I've found you, all in a little bit of time
and because I'm afraid of losing you
I'll take your picture.
I'll take your picture
I'll remember forever, and I know you don't want me to.
I'll call you, because you won't answer.
It makes me laugh, now, to think of you being a game.
I lost you, and then I took another picture,
Because you'd escape quickly from my hand tiny,
And days will turn quickly into years,
And you’ll forget me.
When it rains, profiles and houses resemble you,
and it will be so beautiful...
For you, joy and pain have the same flavor.
I'd just like this night to be over quickly
and I wish what you've always said to me would never come back.
And I want love, and everything you always knew how to give me,
and if you only want to wound me, then I want indifference.
I recognized your glance in that of a shopgirl.
Even though if you were here I would sense you feeling distant
To be more honest I feel very small
My biggest nightmare, my enormous dream
We're children of different worlds, (but) with the same memory
That a naive person draws and erases, the same story,
And you'll forget me ...
The memory won't be enough
I want you to come back now.
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Ti scatterò una foto