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That broken crystal
I felt how it crunched
before falling to the ground
I knew that it´ll break
it´s blinking
landing light
a voice on the stairs
someone crossing the hall
badly, this is, that´s it
bad, so bad, so bad, so bad, so bad, look
badly, take what it takes, let´s go
badly, this is, dude
so bad, so bad, so bad, so bad
It has been the rare night
the moon and the stars cames out
that gypsy girl told me, what
it would be better that I didn´t see her
I dream that I´m walking
for a bridge that gives wax, look, look, look, look
the more I want to cross it, go
more moves and wobbles
Even if it´s not bautiful
the night, divine
I´m going out on the street
in the little hand the hoops shining
on my skin the corals
they protect me and save me
enlighten me and keep me
and ahead
I didn´t see to waste a minute in thinking again about you

Malamente (Cáp.1: Augurio)

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   So, 05/08/2018 - 13:34

Complicated song to translate due the fact it's written in the same way it's pronunced (in a Southern gypsy accent). Just some clarifications so that you can complete or correct some expressions:

'amonó = vámonos (let's go).
'illo = chiquillo (lit kid; dude/lad).
Undivé = Calo for "God".
Vi' = voy (I'm going to). This one is particularly tricky as, indeed, "vi" means "I saw".

Hope it helps Wink smile

YuJin KimYuJin Kim    So, 22/12/2019 - 08:11

I knew that it´ll break -> I knew that it would/it'd break.

spnuzespnuze    Mo, 30/03/2020 - 09:55

An extra was added to the song tittle, please check it, in order to change it in the translation. Thanks.

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