Как много тех, с кем можно лечь в постель (Kak mnogo tekh, s kem mozhno lech' v postel') (English translation)

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How Many Of Those Who You Can Share Your Bed With

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How many of those who you can share your bed with,
How few of those who you want to wake up near..
And turn around when leaving in the morning
And wave goodbye and give a smile,
Worrying and waiting for a sign from them all day.
How many of those who you can just live with,
Have morning coffee, talk and argue...
Go to the sea and, as it should be,
For better or for worse,
To be together.. but without love..
How few of those who you want to share your dreams with,
And watch the clouds rolling in the sky.
Draw love words on the first snow,
Just thinking of the one and only person
And take it as a blessing from above.
How few of those who you can share the silence with
Who read your mind and read your eyes
For whom you'd give away your life, year by year
For whom you can endure
Any kind of pain and torture as if it was a gift..
That's the way things go -
Easy come, easy go..
Just because there're so many of those who you can share your bed with
But so few of them you want to wake up near
How many of those who you can share your bed with
How few of those who you want to wake up near
And life ties us together like a thread
And move us like figures in a guessing game.
We're running wild - work.. home.. everyday life
Who wants to hear has to listen carefully.
But when you run, all you can see is just skin deep,
Stop for a moment to look inside and find a soul.
Choosing with the heart we use our mind
And feel confused to give a smile to someone smiling.
But we can open our heart to the only one
Who we would like to wake up near..
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Submitted by Sky_lineSky_line on Tue, 19/05/2015 - 21:12
Author's comments:

One of my fave poem by Asadov. So I couldn't help submitting my own version.

Как много тех, с кем можно лечь в постель (Kak mnogo tekh, s kem mozhno lech' v postel')

Treugol'nyTreugol'ny    Sat, 13/06/2015 - 02:37

Afraid not confused. Open our soul not heart. Fortune- telling is not a guessing game. And when you run , all you can see is bodies.

Sky_lineSky_line    Mon, 15/06/2015 - 20:37

Thank you for your comments, Anatoli. But that's my own english version and my personal interpretation of this poem. It's not forbidden by LT rules to submit it. As i could see, your translation is too literal. I don't like literal translations - they never sound good. Cos English and Russian are not alike. Besides, i think that grammar errors are more unforgivable than stylistic ones or free interpretation of some lines.

Treugol'nyTreugol'ny    Tue, 16/06/2015 - 02:19

Thank you for replying on my comments, Sky line. My comment , by no means is a criticism of your translation, it's just a comment. I could probably artisticly translate a poem and even to write one, if I want to, but would i do justice to the poet or a song writer? Most definitely, no. I prefer to translate as close to original, as possible and stay away of trying to rime something. As to my grammar, it was bellow the belt from you.
I didn't go to English school, and I learned language by listening to radio at work, reading books and newspapers and talking to people. I live in a country, where I speak English all day and everyday. I know the living language of ordinary people. I do know, that my grammar not very good, but since I've started translated songs it's improving conciderably. Once more, thank you for your comment,
Sincerely Yours,
P.S. I go back to my translations time and time again and try to correct my mistakes.

RadixIceRadixIce    Sat, 19/08/2017 - 21:32

The source lyrics have been updated. Please review your translation.

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