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Їхав козак на війноньку (Yikhav kozak na viynonʹku) (English translation)

Їхав козак на війноньку

Їхав козак на війноньку:
"Прощай,- сказав,- дівчинонько,
Прощай, миленька, чорнобривенька, | 2
Я йду в чужую сторононьку! | 2
Дай же, дівчино, хустину,
Може, я в бою загину,
Темної ночі покриють очі, |
Легше в могилі спочину!" | (2)
Дала дівчина хустину,
Козак у бою загинув,
Темної ночі покрили очі, |
Вже він в могилі спочинув. | (2)
А злії люди на силу,
Взяли нещасну дівчину,
А серед поля гнеться тополя, |
Тай на козацьку могилу! | (2)
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blished on May 12, 2012
Їхав козак на війноньку (Yikhav kozak na viynonku / Cossack rode to war) - Ukrainian folk song by quartet "Yavir" from Kyiv, Ukraine. Українська народна пісня. Виконує: квартет "Явір".

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Rode on the Kozak out to war

Rode on the Kozak out to war:
"Bid farewell, he said, my dear girl,
Farewell my dear one, my dark browed beauty, )
I go into a foreign land and country! )2
Give me, oh girl, your head scarf,
Maybe, in battle I'll perish,
A dark night there, will close my eyes, )
Easier I'll rest in the grave! )2
Gave the girl her head scarf,
The Kozak in battle did perish,
A dark night there, had closed his eyes, )
Already he rests in the grave. )2
And wicked people, by force,
Took that unfortunate girl,
And in the meadow, there bends a poplar, )
Upon the dear Kozak's grave! )2
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Submitted by Steve RepaSteve Repa on Mon, 08/02/2016 - 06:21
Last edited by Steve RepaSteve Repa on Fri, 21/04/2017 - 04:35
Treugol'nyTreugol'ny    Sun, 16/04/2017 - 01:50

Steve, you must be dreaming. He ask her for the shawl(косинку), rather then handkerchief. When he dies, they will cover his eyes with that shawl and it will be easier for him to rest forever in his grave.

Steve RepaSteve Repa    Fri, 21/04/2017 - 04:31

would that be a head scarf, or a shawl??

Steve RepaSteve Repa    Fri, 21/04/2017 - 04:34

I wish I could sleep, when I can't I work at these songs, reminds me of my mother, my dad just died, 92yrs. from outside of kiev.

Treugol'nyTreugol'ny    Sat, 22/04/2017 - 00:13

Sorry , mate. I think head scarf.

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