Sherine Abdel-Wahab - كده (Keda) (English translation)


كده (Keda)

كده يا قلبي يا حته مني
يا كل حاجة حلوة فيا
كده هتمشي وتسبني وحدي
في الحياة والدنيا ديا
يعني ايه
يعني خلاص انا مش هشوفك تاني
مش هلمسك
مش هحكي ليك عن حاجة تاعباني
كنت روحي لما كان جوايا روح
عمري ما اتخيلت انك يوم تروح
مش فاضلي مني غير حبة جروح
مع السلامة يا حبيبي وفي أمان
عمري ما هقول يوم عليك ماضي وكان
عمري ما انسى مهما طال بيا الزمان
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English translation

Is it so

Versions: #1#2
Is it so, my heart,
my every beautiful thing in me?1
Is it so, that you are going away and leaving me alone
in this life.
So what?
So, I'm not seeing you any more?
I'm not touching you?
I'm not telling you what is hurting me?2
You used to be my soul when I was having one
I've never thought that you well leave
Now all what remained is just some wounds
Goodbye, my love, leave in peace
I will never call you a "past" or with "he was...."3
I will never forget. Not even in a million year4
  • 1. She is calling her brother using "my heart,
    my every beautiful thing in me"
  • 2. Literally: I'm not going to complain to you about what tires me up
  • 3. Literally: He was a past, It was in the past
  • 4. Literally: no matter how long time (life) will be
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Author's comments:

This song was sung in a serial right after the death of the brother of this serial heroine and it was sung by her herself as shown in the video.
This song consists of 3 chapters. In first one she begins the song with blaming him for leaving her (dying). The word KEDA is used a lot in colloquial Egyptian. One of its meanings (or functions) is to deliver a light blame to someone you love for something s/he has done. so she is saying: "is it so?" or "So, that's it? you're going away .....".
Then she, yet in a shock, starts to understand that she is not going to see him anymore and .......
In the final chapter she farewells him for all.
Hope that you like the translation Regular smile