Ich bin ich (Wir sind wir) (English translation)

English translation

Ich bin ich

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Do I still belong here
Or am I already out?
Time takes the next flight
(I) tried to follow it
(I) Have just been born yesterday and for a short while I know how to walk
Lost my balance yet I can stand straight
In my head there is so much rage
Yesterday night I couldn't sleep
That you’ve been there was good for me
Please don’t ask questions now
Because I’d only regret
If I had … myself on you (I’d spontaneously write “changed myself for you”, any better ideas? ... another of my great ideas.. "If I had had a though time with you")
For sure (I) haven’t always been faithful
But I never cheated on you
That’s me, that’s me
This alone is my fault
I am now, I am here, I am me, this alone is my fault
I don’t have to find myself now
Just must not lose myself
We are now, we are here, we are us, that alone is our fault
Submitted by Steena on Thu, 09/10/2008 - 21:00

Ich bin ich (Wir sind wir)