Sherine Abdel-Wahab - A3sabo Tallaga (أعصابه تلاجة) (English translation)


A3sabo Tallaga (أعصابه تلاجة)

انا مش صعب عليا اذاه
لو بص بره انا مش عايزاه
وفي ثانية واحده هكون سيباه
مش هبقي على حاجة
حاله غريب
داخلين في يومين
على كل حاجة مش متفقين
و هوه اسم الله عليه
اعصابه تلاجه
على طول اجي كده ييجي كده
مرتاح وانا متنكدة
سيباه وانا متأكدة
فيه ان في المضوع
سرحان علطول مش هنا
فيه ايه؟ شكلها مشكلة
كام يوم وانا مستحمله
لما أفهم المضوع
نص كلامه بقي لوغاريتمات
ده بينسى حتي وجودى ساعات
انا خايفة منه وشايفة حاجات
بصراحة قلقاني
لا ده انا اهد الدنيا عليه
انا قلبي مش في ايدين معاليه
هيشوف ساعتها انا هعمل ايه
هيشوف وش تاني
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My arabic isn't the greatest, this may not be as accurate, but I got the lyrics from the booklet and copied it word for word.

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English translation

His Nerves Are as Cool as a Fridge

It wouldn't be difficult for me to harm him
If he checks out someone else, I don't want him
And I would leave him in the blink of an eye
I wouldn't hold onto anything between us
He has been acting strange
It's almost two days
and we can't even agree upon anything
I get upset
But God bless him,
his nerves are as cool as a fridge...
Whenever I go this way he goes that way
He's at peace while I am miserable
I'm letting him be although I'm sure
there is something fishy about the situation
He's always absent-minded, and somewhere else
What is up? Seems like there's a problem
It's been a couple of days and I've been enduring this
Till I can finally understand what's going on
Half of what he now says is algorithms
He even sometimes forgets that I exist
I'm scared of him and I see things
that frankly worry me
Oh no, I would tear down the whole world upon him
My heart does not belong in the hands of his highness
If I go through with this, he would see what I can do to him
I would show him an ugly side of me
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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