adrianswife - Dear 2045

  • Artist: adrianswife
  • Translations: Bulgarian, Russian #1, #2, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Dear 2045

we’re k!lling the earth
and that’s really fun
no-one believes us
because we are young
our forests are turning into ash in a second
ask california, they’ll tell you about it
they’ll tell you how they lost all their homes
while trump turns a blind eye
and tweets on his phone
“global warming’s an expensive little hoax”
for the last time, this is not a joke
our factories are working and toxins emitting
the ozone is crumbling and we won’t stop putting
chemicals in what we’re trying to breathe
our future is stolen
and we are the thieves
sea levels are rising
and icebergs are melting
the coral reefs are dying
and no-one is helping
do you realise they keep the oceans alive?
this started back in
don’t come to me
when your child can’t think
of what a tiger is
cause they’re extinct
don’t cry to me when your fur coat ain’t clean
the endanger list is now
dear 2045
i don’t think we’re going to survive
if you end up hearing this story
i just want to say
i’m sorry...
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