Thompson - Bojna Cavoglave (English translation)

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Čavoglave(1) battalion

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In Zagora(2), near the source of the Čikola river,
We stood, brothers, defending our homes.
There stand croat next to the croat, we're all brothers,
You won't get in Čavoglave while we are alive!
Fire your Tompson, Kalashnikov and Zbrojovka(3)
Throw grenade, chase the gang trough the spring!
Step forward, guns ready, let all of us sing the song:
"For our homes, brothers, for freedom we are fighting"
Listen you, band of serbian volunteer guerillas,
Our revenge will get you even in Serbia!
God's justice will get you, everyone knows that.
The soldiers from Čavoglave shall judge you!
Listen now the message of Saint Ilia:
"You won't get in Čavoglave as you couldn't enter it before!"
Oh, croatians, dear brothers from Čavoglave,
Croatia won't ever forget you!
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Author's comments:

(1) - Čavoglave is a settlement in Dalmatia, Croatia
(2) - Zagora is the southern inland region of Croatia. The name Zagora means "behind hills",
(3) - Zbrojovka - Brand of firearms made in Czech Republic.


Bojna Cavoglave