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Bosno Moja Poharana (English translation)


Bosno Moja Poharana

Bosno moja poharana,
zemljo moja neorana,
četir' ljeta nesijana.
Stajo moja bez volova,
kućo moja bez zidova,
stara majko bez sinova.
Mjesto braće i sestara,
sloboda me razgovara,
i nove mi pute stvara!
Submitted by A.OA.O on 2018-04-04
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My Bosnia, Devastated

My Bosnia, devastated
My country, unplowed
Four summers fallow
My stable without oxen
My house without walls
Old mother without sons
A place of brothers and sisters
Freedom talks to me
And creates new paths for me
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Jesus is just a Spanish boy's name
How come one man got so much fame?
- Scott Hutchinson (1981-2018)

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