De/Vision - In Dir (English translation)

English translation

In yourself

If the journey is the destination
All ways lead to it
Or they will lead you in circles
Am I am the one I was
That what happened tomorrow
I have already always been there
Where do you go to, where did you
Come from
Is there maybe still more
Of your kind
Nothing is as it was
And slowly you realize that this
Was something big
It has already always been there
It was there deep inside of you
The answers lies within yourself, lives in you
Lives in you
Is life a dream
Born from smoke and mirrors
Do you still dream
If the world circles eternally
Is there something that moves you
That turns your head
Does death bring me eternal life
Are our sins already
Or will they never be forgiven
Everything as it was
And slowly you realize that
There is something big ahead
And you take a huge journey
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