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SUHO (EXO)artistLeader, lead vocalist, visual
ChanyeolartistMain rapper, sub vocalist, visual
Kai (EXO)artistMain dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist, center, visual
D.O. (EXO)artistMain vocalist
BAEKHYUNartistMain vocalist
SEHUN (EXO)artistLead dancer, lead rapper, visual, maknae
XIUMIN (EXO)artistSub vocalist, sub rapper
CHEN (EXO)artistMain vocalist
Lay (EXO)artistMain dancer, sub vocalist, sub rapper
EXO-CBXartistEXO-CBX is EXO's sub unit with Chen, Xiumin, and Baekhyun
EXO-SCartistEXO-SC is EXO's sub unit with Sehun and Chanyeol
Kris WuartistEx-member (2012–2014), main rapper, leader (EXO-M), vocalist
LuhanartistEx-member (2012–2014), lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual, face of the group
Z.TAOartistEx-member (2012–2014), lead rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist