Hobna Intahā Wrah (حبنا انتهى وراح) (English translation)


Hobna Intahā Wrah (حبنا انتهى وراح)

حبنا انتهى وراح
خليني مرتاح
لا تهيج جروح
ناسيها جوه
المن بعد جاي؟
وشضلك وياي؟
شفتني مرتاح
جايبلي بلوه
عايفني صار هواي
ليش ارجعتلي؟
من جنت الك محتاج
شلونك ما جتبلي
عفتني اشوف الموت
وحدي بلياك
جوه اجبرتني انساك
ما رايد انساك
ارجع للفراج
وضل ابكي واشتاج
انت الردتها فراج
شفتها حلوة
خليني ناسيك
ماريد احاكيك
لا تذكر العين
بالشافته وياك
ماعندك احساس
وغدرك مينقاس
اتعذب انسان
بعيونه خلاك
عمرك ماجتلي بيوم
كلمة احبك
شكد تعبتني وياك
الله اليتعبك
لأن وياي ماصفت نيتك
صح مانسيتك
بس مثل النسيتك
عوف البكي عاد
هوه البكي شفاد
لا يطيب جروح
لا يرجع المات
روح الله وياك
خليني انساك
وياك السنين
راحن حرامات
اللي سويته
حتى عداي بيا ماسووا
شكد ماجنت محبوب
هسة انته مكروه
مكروه وحبك راح
لتجلي وينه
يالعيشتهه بضيم
روح لحنينة
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English translation

Our Love is Over and Gone

Our love is over and gone
Let me be in peace
Don't agitate wounds
that I've forgotten inside
Whom are you coming back for?
And why are you still here with me?
You found me doing well,
So you're bringing me a catastrophe
You're bored of me and my love
So why did you come back?
At the time when I needed you
Why didn't you come for me?
I'm sick of facing death
alone without you
Deep inside I've forced myself to forget you
[But] I don't want to forget you
Go back to our separation
And keep crying and longing
You are the one who chose separation
You thought it was a good thing
Let me forget you
I don't want to talk to you
Don't remind my eyes
Of what they saw with you
You have no feelings
And your treachery is immeasurable
You tortured someone
who has made you reside in their own eyes
You have never told me one day
I love you
Oh you've given me so much pain
May God give you pain
May He give you pain
Because your intentions were never pure with me
It's true I haven't forgotten you
But It's almost as though I have
Oh, crying has become worn out
What is crying good for?
It doesn't heal wounds
And it won't revive what's dead
Go, May God be with you
Let me forget you
The years spent with you
were years that went in vain
What you did to me
is something even my enemies didn't do
As much as you were loved
You are now hated
Hated, and you're love is gone
Don't ask me where it went
You have treated it unfairly
Go long for it
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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