Daddy Yankee - Hula Hoop (English translation)

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Hula Hoop

Ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and dogs
I'm calling out to all the perreadores
The people asked for, what, what?
Hula hoop
Hula, hula hoop
Hula, hula hoop
Hula your waist hard, hard
Hula hoop
Hula, hula hoop
Hula, hula hoop
Hula, your waist and we're outta here
How the movement punishes me, Lord has mercy!
Have no mercy, come grab me by my jersey
Mami, I did the thesis, you came out the sexiest
You are the candidate to feel the pressure
Very exotic with the bionic hips
If dancing is a sport, I give you gold like Monica
Move it from here to there, move it from there to here
It raises my systolic and lowers my diastolic
And break it, break it, break, break, break it
When you're dancing you look very sexy
This engine needs that coolant
Coolant, coolant, coolant hula hula hula
That bomb you, you, you got... move it
Bottle, bottle, look for the hookah because she's run dry
Over there in a puff of smoke, we tear up the club
Turn me on, be provocative baby cause I don't hang with fakers
Loose the fat for the streets so you can burn the butter
And break it, break it, break, break, break it
She did the batidora, terremoto, shaky shaky, took a step, hula hula and we started with the tra
Old school sound combined with the new. This is called
Reggaeton. If you don't follow me, you're behind
I like how she shakes it, that is an event
Bump, bump into her hard against the pavement
Wave wave, she has what?
She has wave wave
Hula hula what?
DJ Que rock that bass
Quietly we give it to her lower
Hands up
Continue the party
Loose hips
And get down
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Author's comments:

perreadores = people that dance perreo style


Hula Hoop

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