J'en ai marre (English translation)

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I'm fed up

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I have soft skin
In my bubble bath
I bedabble myself
I'm cracking up about it
My goldfish fish
In my bubble bath
I'm wrapping him up
I tell him:
I don't have a problem
I'm just being lazy
I'm not feeling unwell
I'm just being lazy
In water I'm bathing
That's important
I'm feeling at ease the way things are
My skin is soft
In my bubble bath
I'm lazing around in the shadow
of bombs
Everything is a pleasure
Obidient offenses
I'm making a list of things that annoy me
I'm fed up with people who are always whining
Who roll at only 2 miles per hour
Who are comlaining and who are stuck
On the idea of a fixed idea
I'm fed up with those who keep nagging
Useless terrorists
Who keep painting everything black
Who call me a hypocrite
I'm fed up with the big sister
Who complains about everything and who keeps crying
Fed up with rain, fed up with courgettes
Which make me throw up under my blanket
I'm fed up with cynics
And near saffron meadows
I'm fed up with being fed up
I have soft skin
In my bubble bath
No seismic vibrations
I'm relaxing
And I'm unwinding
In my bubble kingdom
There's only one catch
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J'en ai marre

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