كانت أيام (Kanet Ayam) (English translation)


كانت أيام

تعرف تبعد عني وتنسى زمان
كانت أيام
ونسيتها خلاص
تعرف لما تشوفني ف أي مكان
ماتقولش سلام
قدام الناس
كانت أيام
الله لا يعديها نسيتها رميتها من الحٌسبان
أيوة انت خلاص
مش راجع تاني انساني فقلبي مالكش مكان
اللي اتخلى ف لحظة ضعفي وباع
مازعلشي عليه
وبسيبه يروح
واحد سابني وضل طريقه وضاع
طب عايش ليه
دور المجروح
كلمة آسف مش دايماً بتفيد
فات وقت كبير
وخلاص مليت
مش هتكلم وأفضل أقول ولا أعيد
لو فيك الخير
كنت استنيت
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There Were Days

You know how to distance yourself from me and forget all that time
There were days
And I've forgotten them now
You know how to see me out and about
And not greet me
In front of everyone
There were days
Don't remind me
God, don't bring them back, I've forgotten them, thrown them out of the accounts
Yes, you, now,
I no longer miss you
I won't come back again, forget me, there's no space for you in my heart
Whoever left me in my moment of weakness and sold me,
I won't be sad over them
And I'll let them leave
Someone left me, followed their path, and got lost
So why am I living
In the role of the victim
The word 'sorry' doesn't always help
A lot of time has passed
And now I've had enough
I'm not going to talk and keep repeating myself
If there was good in you
You would have waited
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