Kivenkantaja (English translation)

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At the edge of the water sitting on a reef
Head bowed down on his knees
Waves at the embrace of the cold wind
Get to bear their burdens
Has seen fire, has seen death
Man raised by the beasts
Has seen the destruction of his people
Has seen what cannot be forgotten
Sworn eternal hatred to the heavens
Carrier of the rusty sword
Bearer of the stone has cursed the kings
Burned the lands behind him
To the valleys of suffering
To the waters of the stream of bitterness
Without following paths
Crushing under the weight
At the edge of the water on a miserable rock
A figure with heavy thoughts
Cursing alone, sets down on the sands
The destiny carved on stone
The sky won't open, the wind won't rise
Clouds shadow the beach
In the silence curses and waits
Traveler of the empty tomorrow
That sorrow cannot be forgotten
Not to set down the stone on his feet
That hatred cannot be suppressed
Madness is the weight of the stone
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