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小娘ハートブレイク (Komusume Heartbreak) (English translation)

  • Artist: Miki Ito (伊藤美紀)
  • Song: 小娘ハートブレイク (Komusume Heartbreak)


千の星空映す ファッションビルの thousand windows
15で恋を仕出かす 罪にならないディスコティック
私探さないでよ 風が横向く all night zone
門限なんて聞こえないよ 音が跳ねてる dancing town
街を蹴飛ばす ピンクパンプス ヒールじゃ心窮屈
小娘ハートブレイク tonight わがままもいうけど
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 涙寂しがり屋
誰かここすぐに来て 独りぼっちを抱きしめてよ
私比べないでよ 日付変われば 16 girl
ナンバをされる癖がつくまで キスはお預け dancing boy
ポニーテールに揺れる 憂鬱は忘れちゃって
恋は嘘の(恋は嘘の) 嘘は大人の始まり…
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 生意気もいうけど
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 涙ピンチなのよ
誰かここすぐに来て どこかへ私 さらって欲しい
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 危ないの今夜は
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 切ないの私
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 帰りたくないのよ
小娘ハートブレイク tonight 涙落とし物ね
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Young Girl's Heartbreak

A fancy building with thousand windows reflecting thousand stars
I'll have an affair at 15 in the discotheque without guilt
The wind blows in the nightlife district. Don't look for me
What curfew, can't hear anything with the noises in dancing town
Arrive at the district, my pink heels feel tight, as is my heart
Pretending to be adult woman...
I wear a bustier on my chest
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) call me selfish but...
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) I'm just a lonely girl in tears
I'm all alone, I hope someone will come and gives me a hug
Don't compare me to girl my age, I'll be 16 once the day changes
But till I know him enough I won't let the dancing boy to kiss me
Dancing as my ponytail swaying, I've forgot about my sadness
Love is a lie and lie is the beginning of adulthood
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) it's not that i'm cocky
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) I'm just sad and in a mess
I wish someone will come and take me somewhere
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) it feels dangerous tonight
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) but I'm just too sad
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) I don't want to go home
(Young girl in a heartbreak tonight) I'll left my tears behind
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RetroPandaRetroPanda    Wed, 06/07/2022 - 02:57

Ito Miki (born: April 9, 1971) was one of the idols from 1980s. She made her debut in singing and acting in 1987. At her peak in her first year, her songs were ranked between #13 - #18 in Oricon chart. She has released a total of 3 albums and 7 main singles between 1987-1989. Beside singing, she also acted in tv dramas and movies (she appeared in about 21 dramas and 5 movies from 1987-2001), and appeared in some TV commercials.

This song is her debut song. The lyrics is dark even though the song sounds cheerful.


In late 1980s, there's a magazine and TV program called "Momoco Club" where rookie idols and any girl aspired to be idols can join to promote themselves. Some of successful idols used to be regular members of this Momoco Club, including Sakai Noriko, Shimada Nami, and Ito Miki herself.

This was when Ito Miki was part of Momoco Club:


Some of her live performances singing this song:


Ito Miki in her drama:



Adult Ito Miki:

One of her performance in 1990:

One of her drama(?). There's no specified year, but the fashion looks like mid 1990s, So maybe this was Ito Miki in her mid 20s.

Her looks was top-tier, easily one of the best looking idols of that time. (*Just my personal opinion, but an adult Ito Miki in her prime might even be  on par with the top-of-the top beauty like Aida Shoko from Wink).


Ito Miki as pro-wrestling commentator in 1991. Quite unusual for an idol. lol.


Her last project was her drama in 2001. And then she got married in 2002 and seems like she has retired since then.


I can't find any recent video of Ito Miki, but there's this blog post from 2011 showing her recent photo at that time. The blog owner is Tachibana Risa; a fellow ex-idol from 1980s and Miki's long time friend since their idol days. Ito Miki's photo is the one in the article showing her hugging Risa's children, not the photo on the blog header, that's Tachibana Risa. That blog post was around the time of Japan great earthquake in 2011, when Risa was worried about Miki's safety, but apparently she's fine. 

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Thu, 07/07/2022 - 21:31


When you search for "Ito Miki" / "Miki Ito" / "伊藤美紀" on the internet, most result will direct to wrong person. There are this Ito Miki (ex-idol, born in 1971) and the other Ito Miki (an anime voice actor, born in 1962). Somehow people always post her picture as profile picture for the "voice actor" Ito Miki pages on different websites, even though their faces aren't resemble each other, not even the slightest.

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Thu, 07/07/2022 - 22:52

Ito Miki live performance in a shopping mall in 1987



Another live performance in shopping mall in 1989, recorded by one of the audiences

^ watching it from that angle, I almost forgot that cellphone with camera hasn't existed yet in 1989. lol.

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