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לשוב הביתה (Lashuv Habaita) (English translation)

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Returning Home

The time has come to wake up
To leave everything- to overcome
To return home- Not to search for any other place.
The time has come to change,
Even if we've missed a few stops,
You can get off, there's a train going back to the neighborhood.
Everything is possible but if there's a will,
The searcher always finds,
Even if he finds himself somewhere at the far end.
The doors of Heaven never lock,
When a son calls, he is rescued,
Then Father in Heaven arrives,
Even if we've done something wrong,
He forgives and Pardons, He forgives and Pardons,
He stretches out His hand to assist, and in His mercy gives
The strength to fix, and return to Him
The time has come to regret, if you've already fled from the wrong,
If you once took, then now take in order to give.
This is the time to draw close, not to fear from the pain,
And if you're giving, then give with all your heart.
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Submitted by LyricTranslateLyricTranslate on 2018-01-03
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DanklingDankling    Thu, 12/03/2020 - 17:56

Definitely literal and unrhythmical, but if you weren't going for that, it's absolutely fine. This is quite literally my first comment, haven't figured out wether the site's incline is toward rhythm or literal, but I guess both are acceptable. would like advice.

JRS ScJRS Sc    Tue, 14/12/2021 - 01:12

I think your translation is perfect and lyrical. If you wanted to make a more “translated” version where you translate the intent behind every sentence then I would suggest another one. Is there anyway you could put the Hebrew and English side by side? I am learning Hebrew (Jewish Baal Teshuva) and would love to see it word for word.

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